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With your donation, you plant a seed in our ministry, helping to advance God's kingdom.


As a non-profit organisation, we accompany people into a new beginning, which we fundamentally understand as a holistic new start. So much is deformed that urgently needs to be reformed. At ark+, this necessary transformation takes place through blueprints. The plus in our name stands for multiplication.

In our innovation hub, we developed prototypes that we will make available as blueprints in the future. The plus also stands for the fact that these blueprints generate a plus. We see ourselves as an incubator for innovative ideas; through our portfolio we exert a positive influence on a sustainable & sovereign future.

In our apostolic hub we transform people & organisations. We positively influence, because each of these personal transformations causes multiplication and generates a plus.

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We are pursuing an all-pervasive strategy in society as a whole. With your donation, you help us to realise our mission.

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